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Value of Modular Construction

For the Developer: Savings

Conventional stick-built construction takes 3-6 months for a typical house. The building process begins with the foundation work which ultimately supports the house. In the conventional process, the foundation must be completed before any work can be done on the rest of the structure. With the modular house, the foundation work at the site and the construction of the house at the factory occur at the same time.

...The developer finances the project for a much shorter period of time.

The reduced construction period is significant to a developer in two ways. First, it allows him to increase total house production. Second, financing cost for materials and labor is reduced. Since production time is reduced, the developer finances the project for a much shorter period of time. There are other benefits to the modular process. Vandalism and theft of materials or equipment are virtually nonexistent. The developer increases his market radius, developing sites and areas where skilled labor is scarce.

For the Buyer: Quality and Choice

The homeowner is the one who ultimately benefits from the modular method. The modular house has a greater dollar value, dollar for dollar, than its conventionally constructed counterpart. The projected manufacturing environment assures the house of superior quality, passing dozens of inspections before leaving the plant. The house is energy efficient, a long term economic advantage. The modular house offers an extensive choice in design and interior decoration, allowing the buyer to choose virtually every feature. Finally, It is competitively priced with stick-built houses in almost every area of the country.

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