See A Modular Home Factory

Imagine watching your builder construct your house in a building out of the weather. Modular housing has been termed "stick building in a factory."
That is exactly what it is.
The same basic techniques, materials and procedures used in onsite construction are employed in the modular concept. The benefits of the assembly line have been known for decades.

The process insures an efficient and consistent flow of quality materials, not subject to delivery delay's, weather damage or theft. The protected environment within the plant allows the worker to complete a full schedule, day after day, increasing productivity.

The process itself is a model of efficiency. Various sections of the house are fabricated at the same time. Wall sections and the floor assembly are built in seperate areas of the factory and are constructed of standard studs and joists.

These components are fabricated using precision cutting and framing machinery, thus assuring precise fitting of all members.The walls are covered with drywall, glued and nailed into place. Floors are covered with carpet or other coverings.

Once the frame of the house is up, the walls are packed with insulation, the first step in a series of procedures designed to produce high energy efficiency.

Energy-saving items include solid insulation-filled exterior doors, insulation-packed door and window frames, double and triple-glazed windows, insulation in floors and ceilings and chaulking of all joints and seams, restricting air infiltration into the house.

After the frame is completed and the ceiling installed, a crew takes over to apply wallpaper, paint, interior trim and install cabinets and appliances. At the same time, a crew is applying exterior siding, and a roof on the single story house. With the majority of the required work handled in the plant all in compliance with nationally recognized building standards, including the plumbing and electrical systems, there is a minimal need for field labor which helps the builder overcome any shortage of skilled labor.

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