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How much do these Homes cost?

     $55 per square foot is a VERY Ball Park Figure. It is very difficult to provide pricing because there are so many options and different possibilities even on the floor plans that we have listed. Shipping costs can vary greatly as well. So please talk with a sales representative to get accurate cost information.

How much did the Home on the first page cost?

     Depending on hookups to the house, it cost somewhere around $325,000 to $350,000.

Are there models available to see?

     There are currently models open to see in the following locations:

How do I contact The Modular Connection?

     Please see our Contact Page.

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Can You Build a Modular Home from my Plans?

     Yes. We can build custom from just about any plans. If you see a home on the internet that you like, get the plans to us and we will provide you with a cost quote.

What is the difference between a modular home and one that is constructed at a building site?

     Very Little. A modular home is built in pieces in a factory, then transported to the new address, assembled there, and then finished off.

How much finishing can I do?

     With our modular homes, you can do as much finishing as you like. In fact, this is how you can save a great deal of money.

Do I need to hire a contractor?

     No. You do not need to hire a contractor, but you can if you chose. You can sub contract as much of the construction as you would like to. For assembly of the house, we have teams that can go out and assemble the house. For preliminary foundation work you may want a contractor. If would like to be your own GC, we can sell to you. We usually sell to Builders-Dealers-Contractors. We can refer you to a Builder / Contractor if you need one.

What are the restrictions on building a modular home?

     There are very few restrictions singling out modular homes. They must meet your local building codes as well as your State codes. Our manufacturers know these codes well and work within them.

How long from start to finish?

     This varies greatly with the size of the project.

I would like to go Modular, but I don't feel like I know enough. What should I do?

     We offer a consulting service for anyone building a new home. You should contact us and let us know how you feel.

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